LEAP's aim is to provide funded financing solutions, risk coverage and advisory services related to financing, whose  assets are normally linked to underlying transactions. Examples of assets are capital goods, equipment and/or services, pre-sale, pre-shipment etc.

The company is founded on privileged relationships with our clients, further enhanced with our good relationship with the private risk insurance market and export credit agencies. Together we arrange and fund assets for our clients.

LEAP's speciality is long-term funded financing, but will consider short-term tenors. The currencies we work with are primarily in US dollars & Euros, however we can consider other types of currencies in order to match the underlying assets.

Transaction documentation is based on market standard agreements such as BAFT and LMA standard documentation.


LEAP creates value by participating or acquiring assets from highly reputable financial institutions or multi-national corporates working closely with the origination & structuring teams as well as  management of those companies. LEAP's solution will increase their long-term competitiveness, thereby creating real value for our investors and stakeholders.

LEAP generally invests in sound assets that are well structured and relationship driven, driven by our clients metrics, meaning an excellent opportunity to enter into an assets creating great yields compared to comparable investments.

It works in a hands-on and constructive manner to realize value-enhancement potential in operations, strategy, financial management and corporate governance.

LEAP strategy is to manage a concentrated portfolio, by holding significant positions in a number of various assets, tenors and geographies.  The assets are very important to all involved parties derived from a long term relationship.

Consequently, LEAP will make sure the sellers maintain a strong commitment to each of the investments.


Relationship is key for us. We have built a rigid agreement structure to enhance our trust with our counter parties..


Rigid evaluate process for each transaction. Efficient processes are adapted to any type of situation and asset.

Key to success

Transactions are well structured and relationship driven being a key to success.